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Mindfulness 靜觀

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.   It is not only a spirit of living, but also a skill to practice of being present, here and now. Many people know that we have to treasure the moment, but have no clue how to do so. Mindfulness provides a way for us to practice in our daily life, which can cultivate our awareness, acceptance, compassion to self and others. The change comes from our own experience of practice.

靜觀是有意識的、不加批判地, 留心當下刻。靜觀不只是一種生活態度, 也是一可以學習的、讓我們更能夠活在的當下的技巧。很多人知珍惜道要珍惜此時此刻, 卻不知道怎樣做。靜觀提供可以在日常生中練習的方法, 透過平日的練習,培養自己的覺察力,以及對自己和別人的接納與慈愛。


My Teaching Experience 教學經驗

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy 8 week classes (public class)

Aug-Oct 2017

Oct-Dec 2017

Mar-May 2018

May-June 2018 English Class

Sept-Oct 2018

May-June 2019 (MBCT for complicated grief)

Sept-Oct 2019

Feb - Mar 2020

Feb 2020 MBCT English Class 

April 2020 MBCT 

June 2020 MBCT English Class 

Aug 2020 MBCT

Mindfulness classes for institues:

May – Jul 2016 (Children's Cancer Foundation)

Oct – Dec 2016 (Children's Cancer Foundation)

April - June 2017 (Suicide Prevention Service)

Aug-Oct 2017 (Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service)

June 2017 (Hong Kong Christian Service)

Sept 2017 (Suicide Prevention Service)

Oct 2017 (English Schools Foundation)

Nov 2017 (Po Leung Kok)

Feb 2018 (HKU MBA students) 

Sept 2018 Airport Authority Hong Kong

Nov 2018 School of Midwifery, Prince of Wales Hospital

Feb 2019 Nomura

Feb 2019 King & Wood Mallesons 

Mar 2019 City University Psychology Students

April 2019 Heep Hong Society 

May 2019 Heep Hong Society (Mindful Parenting)

June 2019 Point 72

Aug 2019 Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
Oct 2019 Nomura

Nov 2019 New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association 

Nov 2019 SAHK (Staff)

May 2020 SAHK (Staff) 

May 2020  Batpist Oi Kwan Social Service (OCD)

June 2020 HKEAA

June 2020 Heep Hong Society (Mindful Parenting)

Oct 2018 Mindfulness Experiential Workshop to the Public 

Nov 2018 Mindfulness Experiential Workshop to the Public 


靜觀認知治療八周課程: 公開班




2018年5-6月 英文班


2019年5-6月 (靜觀課程 - 複雜性哀傷)


2020年2-3月 英文班






2016年5-7月 (兒童癌病基金)




2017年6月 (香港基督教服務處)




2018年2月(香港大學 工商管理碩士生)


2018年11月 威爾斯親王醫院助產士

2019年2月 投行Nomura

2019 年2月 金杜律師事務所

2019年3月 城大心理學學士生

2019年4月  協康會

2019年5月  協康會 (靜觀親職課) 

2019年6月  投行Point 72

2019年8月  律師行Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

2019年10月 投行Nomura

2019年11月 新生精神復康會

2019年11月 香港耀能協會 (員工)

2020年5月  香港耀能協會 (員工) 

2020年5月  浸會愛群社會服務處 (強迫症) 

2020年6月 考評局

2020年6月 協康會 (靜觀親職課) 



My Qualifications 資歷

Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice

Registered Clinical Psychologist (HKPS)

Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society)

Master of Social Science (Clinical Psychology), The University of Hong Kong

Foundation Course for Teaching MBCT organized by Oxford Mindfulness Center and Hong Kong Center for Mindfulness

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Facilitation Certificate (Advance Level) The Centre of Mindfulness Studies, Canada

MYMind Advance Teacher Training (For kids with ADHD / Autism and their parents), organized by The University of Amsterdam and The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Certified Mindful Parenting Instructor (Advance Teacher Training in Mindful Parenting, organized by University of Amsterdam)

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer (organized by CUHK Thomas Jing Centre for Mindfulness Research and Training and Mayfly Training)

My Profile and class is also listed here

英國心理學會特許心理學家 (CPsyhol)

香港心理學會註冊臨床心理學家 (RCP, HKPS)

香港大學臨床心理學碩士 ​



靜觀認知治療導師(高級)證書, 加拿加靜觀研究中心

MYMind 資深導師培訓 (為自閉症及過度活躍症孩子和家長而設的靜觀導師課程), 由阿母斯特丹大學與香港中文大學合辦

靜觀教養資深導師培訓 (由阿母斯特丹大學頒發)  ​

靜觀認知治療(癌症) (由香港中文大學敬霆靜觀研究與培訓中心及Mayfly 合辦)



The latest course 最新課程

小班教學   網上靜觀認知治療課

連續八周 | 逄周五 | 時間: 早上10-12時
7/8, 14/8, 21/8, 28/8, 4/9, 11/9, 18/9, 25/9
全日課: 6/9 (10am to 4pm)

22/7 10-11am

費用: HKD$4300

細節及報名: https://forms.gle/YDdXD7AcowuHGZz16

Contact Me 聯絡方法

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

如有查詢, 歡迎聯絡

Beatrice Ng-Kessler 吳崇欣

Registered Clinical Psychologist. Certified Mindfulness Trainer

Chartered Psychologist from the British Psychological Society

Room 701 Yu Yuet Lai Building 43-45 Wyndham Street Central


9198 7264 


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