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小班教學   網上靜觀認知治療八周課程

連續八周 | 逄周五 | 時間: 早上10-12時
14/8, 21/8, 28/8, 4/9, 11/9, 18/9, 25/9, 2/10
全日課: 13/9 (10am to 4pm)

費用: HKD$4300


Consultation, Assessment and Training



Individual or couple consultation:

Time: 50 minutes per session




時間; 50分鐘一節

Consultation for Cancer Patients



Consultation in Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre


Intellectual assessment, attention test, executive functioning, auditory and visual memory tests, psychological assessment and report

Time: Various

Cost: Various




時間和費用: 視乎評估內容而定



Mindfulness Experiential Workshop

Grief Counseling

Stress management and relaxation

Sleep Management

Mental Health Education

Suicidal Prevention Workshop

Mindful Parenting










Specializing in Mindfulness Training, Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Eating Disorder and Others


Anxiety 焦慮症

Social Anxiety, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Separation Anxiety......Anxiety takes many forms. The common ground is, it is a worry about the future, about something may happen. If you feel unsettled or on edge for a while without knowing why, it may be a sign to seek professional help. 

社交焦慮、創傷後壓力症、強迫症、廣泛焦慮症、驚恐症、幽閉恐懼、分離焦慮.......等等。焦慮症以不同形態出現在病人身上, 共通點是, 病人會非常擔憂「未來」「可能」發生的事。如果你感覺自己總是沒法平靜、煩躁不安, 不明所以地沒法入睡, 可能是時候尋求專業協助。

Depression 抑鬱症

Depression can eat up a person's life. Untreated Depression can become dangerous (suicidal) and very disabling, as well as creating suffering from people around.

抑鬱症可以嚴重蠶食一個人的生命、甚至讓一個人命懸一線(有自殺傾向), 也會癱瘓一個人的正常生活, 並對他身邊的人帶來困擾和傷害。

Eating Disorder
Relationships 關係

Relationships can be complicated, no matter that's marriage, lovers or parent and child.  The relationship itself may not only have defined part of our personal identities, but also consisted of both sides expectations and projections.  

人際關係可以非常複雜, 不論是婚姻、情侶、父母和子女的關係, 也可以讓人耗盡心力。關係本身不只是定義了我們部份的個人身份, 也包括著彼此的期盼與投射。

Adolescent Therapy 青少年的治療
Trauma 創傷

Childhood trauma affects people for a lifetime. However, it can be healed. We cannot delete the past, but we can manage the influence of it to our present, which also means we can be in charge of our future. If you find something has been haunting you for a long time, it is time to seek help.  

兒時創傷對人的影響可以是一輩子的事。不過, 它也是可以治癒的。我們不能抹掉過去, 但我們可以管理創傷對現在的影響, 從而掌握自己的人生。如果你發現, 有些往事總是會重覆來襲, 也許昰時候尋求治療。

The wave of suicide has been worrying.  Children and teenagers' mood disorders were often under-treated.  Do not wait until the worst moment, a chronic unhappiness, isolation, numbness and unspoken pain with self-harm behaviors are all signs for attention.     

青少年的自殺熱潮令人擔心。兒童與青少年的情緒病是常被忽略的。不要等到最壞的時候才去求助, 長期的不快樂、自我隔離、感覺麻目、想哭但哭不出來、自殘行為等, 都是警號。

Eating Disorder is often a long-term disease. Patients are very ambivalent to treatment. They often cope with the disease for years before they seek treatment. The patients relationship with food is often quite complicated. Eating Disorder is also often related to patients' sense of control in their life.  It's a disease needed much treatment support in order to be cured. Take the first step to try psychological treatment is the key step of re-gaining one's control from the disease.


 飲食失調很多時候都是一個長期的疾病。病者對於接受治療經常抱有矛盾的想法。他們一般都和這個病相處了良久, 才尋求治療, 而這個病經常都與病者在自己人生的控制感有關。這是一個需要頗長心理治療去支援以康復的病, 提起勇氣去接受治療, 就是重拾生活的控制感的第一步。


Normal grief will pass with time, but Complicated grief will not. It is a clinical condition that warrants professional interventions. If you or people around you have been grieving for over half a year, the grief is still significantly affecting your life. For example, feeling life is meaningless, numbness to everyday life, avoiding reminders of the deceased, feeling like cannot trust people anymore.... (Details see here)it maybe signs for calling professional help.

一般人的哀傷會隨著時間漸漸改善, 卻也有一些人沒法走出哀傷的陰霾, 必須透過專業介入才能過度, 我們稱這種哀傷為複雜性哀傷。如果你或你身邊的人哀傷已經超過半年, 而仍然非常影響著日常生活, 例如覺得人生沒有意義、對生活麻木沒感覺、仍然逃避有關逝者的東西或地方、感到沒法再相信別人等(詳情見此), 可能需要及早求助。



複雜性哀傷 Complicated Grief

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