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About Beatrice Ng-Kessler

Registered Clinical Psychologist, UK Chartered Psychologist

Canada Certified Mindfulness Trainer

MSSc (HKU), RCP (HKPS), CPsychol (BPS)

I am a clinical psychologist with experience in diverse settings including public hospitals and non-governmental organizations.  In my private practice, I have worked extensively with clients having depression, anxiety issues, relationship problems, childhood trauma, and complicated grief.  My treatments include Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT), Grief Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy, Mindfulness etc.


In the past, I have worked extensively with dying patients and those fighting or recovering from serious illnesses like cancer, working with patients and their family members suffering from depression and anxiety. I am also part of the Supporting team at Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre. 

I specialize in the use of mindfulness to support well-being. I have completed a series of teacher training and participated in a number of meditation retreats, as well as worked with the Chinese University of Hong Kong to research the application of mindfulness for complicated grief.  I have run workshops on mental health topics, and currently teaching Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) to help professionals and the public in Hong Kong.

I was driven by passion in my role as a helping professional.  Even while witnessing immense emotional and physical suffering, as well as death, I developed a strong faith in each individual's potential for healing and growth. I treasure my time with my clients for the insights and hope which every encounter contributes to.     

About Doris Yeung

Registered Clinical Psychologist, Life Member of Asian Academy of Family Therapy

I am a registered clinical psychologist specializing in a broad range of mental health challenges including Depression, Anxiety, Work Stress Management, Sleep Issues, Relationship Challenges, Family Development Issues such as New Parenthood, Parenting Challenges, Coping with Empty Nest, the Stress of Taking Care of Elderly Parents, as well as Grief and Bereavement. Along with ten years’ experience in providing psychological services, as a mother of two myself, I bring an extra layer of empathy and understanding to the treatment for people struggling with child and family issues. 

My vision as a therapist is to help people to live the best lives they could live. To accomplish this, I aim to provide a space in which clients feel safe and comfortable expressing thoughts and feelings, talk about things that they might not be able to discuss with others, and gain insights into their experiences. At the same time, I also aim to equip clients with practical knowledge and skills that they need in order to accomplish their goals and fully realize their potentials.


As a therapist, I feel tremendously honored to be trusted in this important journey of change. The more I am into the work of psychotherapy, the more I realize that we are more alike than we are different. We are all works in progress doing the best we can.

I am also an LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) affirmative therapist. Having been trained in the Minor Study in Gender Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as well as a practicum in a youth project for gay youths and parents, I  have heightened awareness of the impact of sex and sexuality on mental health and family development.


About Connie Ho

Registered Clinical Psychologist, Qualified Mindfulness Teacher


I am Connie, a registered clinical psychologist with extensive clinical experience in public hospitals, the Department of Health, and non-governmental organizations. I am specialized in working with clients with various depression and anxiety issues, as well as different kinds of life challenges such as work/ study stress, interpersonal and intimate relationship problems, difficult family dynamic, and critical life changes like divorce or retirement. I am also experienced in delivering workshops/ webinars, group interventions, and staff trainings to the public, schools, NGOs, and corporate.  In addition to clinical work, I am also a guest lecturer at the Education University of Hong Kong, passing my knowledge and clinical experience to the next generation.

Personally, I have been practicing mindfulness for almost 8 years. Experiencing its “miracle” on my different life stages, I am very confident in its benefits and want to bring it to my therapeutic work. So, I have completed various mindfulness teacher’s trainings over the years ( My second baby even went through my year-long training and two meditation retreats in my tummy! What a mindful baby.). I am also conducting research on mindfulness at university to promote mindfulness to the general public


As a mindfulness teacher, my therapeutic approach is person-centered. I have strong faith in the life transformational power that hidden inside every single individual, even when we are undergoing our darkest times in life; everyone is the expert of his/ her own life. And my work is to walk side-by-side with my client, to awaken and unleash this internal power to a wholesome and fulfilling direction with my professional therapeutic techniques and clinical experience, so that my clients and their beloved ones can live to the fullest, enjoying every precious life moment.

Over the years, I am grateful for the trust my clients place in me. Lives are all interconnected. We influence each other, at the meantime, we grow together.



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