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I am a clinical psychologist with experience in diverse settings including public hospitals and non-governmental organizations.  (My Qualifications) In my private practice, I have worked extensively with clients having depression, anxiety issues, relationship problems, childhood trauma and complicated grief.  My treatment modes included Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT), Grief Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and so...(Details see here).


In the past, I have worked extensively with dying patients and those fighting or recovering from serious illnesses like cancer, working with patients and their family members suffering from depression and anxiety. I am also part of the Supporting team in Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre. (See here). I am also experienced in cognitive assessments covering intelligence, attention, visual and auditory memory, executive functioning and dyslexia with children.

I am very much interested in the use of mindfulness to support well-being. I personally experience changes after practicing Mindfulness. Mindfulness also led me to learn pain meditation which in turn helped me delivering my baby without medication and screaming (no, no sound was made at all in the process! Detail is here in Chinese) I have completed a series of teacher's training and participated in a number of meditation retreats, as well as worked with the Chinese University of Hong Kong to research the application of mindfulness for complicated grief.  I have run workshops on mental health topics, and currently teaching Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) to helping professionals and the public in Hong Kong. (My Latest Course)

I was driven by passion in my role as a helping professional.  Even while witnessing immense emotional and physical suffering, as well as death, I developed a strong faith in each individual's potential for healing and growth. I treasure my time with my clients for the insights and hope which every encounter contributes to.                              (@ Mindfully)

我是本地註冊的臨床心理學家 (我的資歷),曾在醫管局屬下醫院及非牟利團體任職。在私人執業期間,我治療患有抑鬱症、各種焦慮症、複雜性悲傷等病人,有些曾有兒時創傷、患重病(如癌症)或受人際關係問題困擾。我的主要治療手法是認知行為治療、情緒導向治療、哀傷治療、存在主義治療及靜觀等等 (詳情見此)。

過去,我花了不少時間與患重病、甚至是即將離世的人一起,也和他們的家人共度不少光陰。我甚至為其中一個已去世的病人出版過她的生命故事(見此)。我也在香港綜合腫瘤中心服務癌症病人 (見此) 。我在兒童評估方面也頗有經驗,包括認知能力、專注力、視覺與聽覺記憶、執行效能和讀寫障礙等。

我非常喜歡靜觀,親身感受它為自己帶來的轉變。也因為靜觀而學會了疼痛靜坐(Pain Meditation),讓自己在沒有任何藥物協助的情況下可以不啍一聲地順產(詳情見此)。因此我對靜觀的作用很有信心,希望在治療工作上可以應用。我完成了靜觀導師培訓課程,並參與和香港中文大學的研究項目。我也為志願機構舉辦工作坊,並舉辦公開課程教授靜觀。(最新課程見此



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Room 701, Yu Yuet Lai Building

43-45 Wyndham Street

Central, Hong Kong


+852 9198 7264 


Beatrice Ng-Kessler 吳崇欣

Registered Clinical Psychologist. Certified Mindfulness Trainer

Chartered Psychologist from the British Psychological Society

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